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SparklingWine Day


One day a year is reserved for the beads which make a gently composed cuvée a premium sparkling wine. On the "Sparkling Wine Day" (traditionally on the Saturday preceding Mother's Day), the Sektkellerei Henkell & Co. sparkling wine winery opens the doors of its Wiesbaden headquarters in order to celebrate together with sparkling wine lovers from the region.

Every year, lovers of the sparkling taste have the possibility to find out the one or other secret of the sparkling wine production during guided tours of the facility and to enjoy a diverse program of entertainment by first-class artists. And, of course, they can also enjoy "one or other" sips of sparkling wine.

And to make sure that the Sparkling Wine Day (which is held at Henkell in Biebricher Allee 142 in Wiesbaden) really does become a special day for the entire family - we also offer an exciting children's programme in order to keep our young guests entertained.

Moreover, the doors to the sparkling wine winery of Henkell & Co. are also open for all those who are interested in Henkell but do not have time on the Sparkling Wine Day. This traditional facility also offers tours for groups of five and more persons on other dates. During a pre-booked guided tour you can find out how sparkling wine is made and bottled. Of course, this also includes a traditional sparkling wine tasting with professional comments.

The next Sparkling Wine Day will be held on May 7th, 2016.


Tingling enjoyment and a relaxed atmosphere at “Sekttag”

The weather could not have been nicer, the music no more intoxicating, the mood was not to be topped and the sekt could hold no more tingling bubbles! The so-called “Sekttag” (sparkling wine day) at Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei, held on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, was once again a smashing success. Thousands of guests enjoyed the great atmosphere at the popular event at Henkell corporate headquarters in Wiesbaden.

From 11 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening, cellar tours were offered to give guests a glimpse inside the sparkling wine production process. The band Waterproof provided a high-calibre musical backdrop, presenting the best of funk, soul, pop, rock, R&B and house music with precision, passion and a dynamic performance. Additionally, the duo of popular European-circuit singer Natasha Wright and internationally acclaimed multitalent Alfred McCrary teamed up to put on a one-of-a-kind show with thrilling moments and standing ovations.

For the second year in a row, the winery’s "blue room" was the setting for a casino where guests could try their luck at the wheel of fortune to win a variety of sparkling wine specialities made by Henkell. A fun-filled children’s programme, culinary delicacies and a host of extras perfectly rounded off this wonderful day.

A special highlight was the grand opening of the new Henkell shop, timed to coincide with the event. As soon as it opened its doors, throngs of visitors availed themselves of the opportunity to take a tour of discovery of the very best selection of international sparkling wine, wine and spirits from Henkell & Co.-Gruppe.

Another top attraction was the Wiesbaden "THermine": For the first time, the popular city tram made several stops at Henkell, inviting young and old alike to climb aboard.By the way: For all those interested who missed out on Sekttag, Henkell & Co. invites guests to tour the sparkling winery on other days, too. We are pleased to reserve tours for groups of five or more people. Naturally, the tour also includes a sparkling wine tasting with an expert.

For more information, visit www.Henkell-Gruppe.de.

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