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SparklingWine Night

Is there a better way to celebrate the last night of summer than in the marble hall of the Henkell & Co. sparkling wine winery?!

Every year, Henkell bids farewell to "Summer Time" with a great party and invites its guest to celebrate the longest party night of the year.

In addition to golden sparkling wine beads, delicious bits to eat and the unique atmosphere at the marble hall, guests can enjoy highlights from German and international show business in our show programme.

A DJ ensemble which will make everyone want to dance is made available for the party night. A true feast for the senses, excellent entertainment and an unforgettable evening are ensured.

Party lovers should make a decision quickly and reserve the date of the start of the advance ticket sales period - because in the past the tickets to this popular event sold out rapidly.

By the way: Many people often feel tired and a little exhausted during the first two weeks after the switch from summer to winter time. A reinvigorating glass of sparkling wine can help your body clock adjust …

The next Sparkling Wine Night will be held on October 28th, 2017.



Once again, the longest night of the year was far too short

It was a lavish party! Henkell & Co. hosted the Sparkling Wine Night, at which we traditionally bid farewell to the Central European summer time with the “longest party night of the year”, for the tenth time. The 800 tickets to the Sparkling Wine Night sold out within ninety minutes. And the party is now more popular than ever which is why the marble hall of the sparkling wine production facility was packed with lovers of sparkling wine (and partying) who contributed to a real night club feeling on 25th October.

During this special night, time was not measured in minutes or hours but by the rhythm of the exciting music. The guests danced into the “additional” hour. Live pop, R&B and soul music drew the guests to the dance floor because we again welcomed exceptional artists this year: max&friends exceeded all expectations and really raised the roof of the marble hall. In this, they were actively supported by the two powerful voices of Jessica Mears and Ole Feddersen, (who became famous through “The Voice of Germany”).

Moreover, this year, DJ Gil again proved that he knows how to turn the dance floor into a rotating magnet. None of the guests were able to resist his multi-facetted repertory.

A completely different musical style was heard at Degogier Hall: the vocalist duo Alexander and Elke fascinated the audience with their musical diversity and their velvety voices. The singer of the Wiesbaden “NightBirds” and the “Boogiebaron” convinced with much of temperament, charm and humour. Afterwards, the comfortable chill-out area with its lounge atmosphere invited guests to both relax and to engage in animated conversation. Of course, we also catered for the guests’ physical well-being: In addition to the sparkling stars from the wine cellar of Henkell & Co., small delicacies from the Orangerie of Nassauer Hof ensured an optimum culinary experience for the guests.

And to make sure that everyone could relax and party into the early hours the new Mercedes-Benz chauffeur service offered by Taunus Auto was available to take the guests home safely.

During this special night, the marble hall of the Henkell sparkling wine winery offered a stylish venue for an unparalleled mixture of culinary delicacies, pearly delights, high-quality musicians and an enthusiastic atmosphere which lasted into the early hours of the next morning ... all night long!

The guests enjoyed the “additional” hour to the full and yet the Sparkling Wine Night was over all too fast. What remains are sparkling memories and the sense of anticipation of the next Sparkling Wine Night next year.

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