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Data Privacy and Security Declaration

Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei KG (hereinafter “we”) respect your private and personality sphere. Hence protection of your person-related data such as your name, date of birth, address, telephone number and email address is an important concern of ours which we pursue by strictly adhering to the relevant statutory data privacy and security regulations as well as the following principles. We follow the principle of data avoidance and thrift. This means that we collect, process and use as little person-related data as possible.

1. Personal Data and Permission

We will collect, process and use your personal data insofar as this is necessary to establish, conduct or terminate a contractual or quasi-contractual relationship with you as a customer. Beyond this, we will collect, process and use personal data of yours only after obtaining your permission in advance. Your personal data is used only for the purpose and extent declared when you give your permission (for example, enquiries by means of the contact form). Thus, for example, only when we have your permission to do so, will we inform you of our products and services, answer your enquiries or give you the information or offers which you have requested.

You can withdraw your permission at any time with effect for the future. This means that when we receive your written notice of withdrawal, we shall delete your data. Please send the notice of withdrawal to one of the following addresses:
Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei KG
Biebricher Allee 142
65187 Wiesbaden, Germany

2. Automatically Generated Data

Your use of our internet sites can result in automatic processing of person-related data (name of your provider, IP address, browser type, operating system and websites you have been visited, along with any search arguments used). Processing in these cases is anonymous; that is, this data cannot be related to you as an individual.

3. Information Automatically Stored on Your Computer (“Cookies”)

Use of our websites can lead to creation of fairly small text files that are stored on your computer (“cookies”). We use cookies to simplify and improve use of our websites.

Our cookies allow users who visit us repeatedly to be identified as such during their visits to our websites; this does not entail any processing of person related data.

The data about previous visits stored in permanent cookies (storage duration 2 years) is used solely to make your future visits to our internet sites as convenient for you as possible. Deactivating these cookies exerts no influence on the usability of our website.

The data stored in session cookies applies only to your current visit to our internet sites; it is needed to implement / optimize certain services and is also used to make your current visit as convenient as possible. If session cookies are deactivated, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use all our services in their entirety.

If you do not wish to allow any cookies at all, you can change your browser settings (for further information, consult the help facility of your internet browser) or you can object to data collection and storage at any time with effect for the future. Cookies already stored on your computer can be removed by deleting temporary websites.

c. Besides, your personal data will be processed anonymously. If the processing is required to safeguard the legitimate interest of ours or of a third party and if the interests, basic rights and basic liberties of the data subject do not prevail over the interests of the former, Art. 6 Subsec. 1 Clause 1 f GDPR serves as the legal basis whereby there is the possibility in principle to object to the data processing in the future. You may submit your objection by regular mail or e-mail to the Controller at the contact address stated in Item 1. The legality of data processing up to the time of asserting your rights remains unaffected by the objection. The personal data will be deleted after meeting the legitimate interest or objection taking the statutory archiving period into due account. As part of the legitimate interest, there may be a transmission of your personal data to a third party which uses these data exclusively for the purpose of meeting the legitimate interest.

4. Social Networks

Our website contains links to external social networks such as Facebook (“social plug ins”). The functions assigned to these links, particularly the transmission of infor-mation and user data, are not already activated by visiting our website; rather, they are first activated when you click on the link. Then the corresponding social networks are activated and your browser establishes a direct connection with their servers.

If you click on any of these social network links during a visit to our website, then your user data might be transmitted to and processed by the corresponding social network.

If you click on such a link during a visit to our website while you are logged into your personal user account in the social network, then the fact that you have visited our website can be passed on to the network and stored there in connection with your ac-count. If you want to prevent association of your visit to our website with your social network account, you must first log out of your social network account before you click on its link in our website. Please see the data privacy and protection notices of the so-cial networks for details on the purposes and extent of their data collection and their processing and use of your data, as well as on your rights and options (e.g. browser settings) in this regard. The social network is responsible for the data processing that is started when you click on the corresponding link in our website. We herewith advise you that as providers of this website we receive no knowledge of the contents of the data that is transmitted to the social network through the link or of how this data is used by the network.

5. Third-Party Access To Your Person-Related Data

Person-related data is collected, processed and used by us ourselves and − except as we have expressly excluded this possibility − also by other member companies of the Henkell group (“group companies”) or service providers employed by us. In these latter two cases, we ensure that group companies and service providers comply with the rel-evant statutory data privacy and protection rules and that they also comply with the obligations set out in this data privacy and security declaration. Service providers can be hired, for example, in the context of sending goods, advertising materials or in the case of a lottery.

Except in the foregoing cases, no third party has access to your person-related data. In particular, we would never sell it to any third party, market it in some other way, or oth-erwise leave it at anybody else’s disposal. Accordingly, each of our employees has been placed by us under the obligation to maintain silence about and to protect your private and personality sphere. Otherwise, it is only in cases of requests from governmental authorities, requirements of the law or statutory reporting obligations that we would process the data and trans-fer it to the authorities as may be required.

6. Security

We have taken technical and organizational measures to protect your person-related data against loss, change, theft or accesses of unauthorized third parties. We continu-ally optimize this protection in accordance with technical progress. Nevertheless, we must still advise you that data transfers in the internet (e.g. communication by email) can have security gaps. Absolutely complete protection of data from access by third parties is not possible.

7. Children

We are not at all interested in collecting personal data that pertains to children and youths under the age of 16. Rather, we urge all parents, teachers and other persons in authority to show children and youths how to handle person-related data responsibly in the internet. We at Henkell do not knowingly collect person-related data of children and youths or use such data in any way. When we receive knowledge that such data has been transmitted to us without the consent of a parent or other legal guardian, we de-lete it without delay. Here, of course, we are dependent on tips from parents and other legal guardians. Beyond this, we endeavour not to appeal to children and youths with the design of our website or the products presented there.

8. Deletions and Blocks

We delete your personal data if the associated business purpose ceases to apply or if the relevant data privacy and protection rules demand this. Thus, for example, we de-lete the data collected in connection with a lottery when the lottery is over, unless you have given permission for collection, processing and use of your data that goes beyond the lottery. When you have given permission, we delete your data not only if you with-draw your permission but also if the purpose for which your permission has been given no longer applies.

We can also block your person-related data in whole or in part if you request this. Then you should tell us which data should be blocked and for how long. Insofar as is techni-cally possible, you can prevent processing and use of your data for certain areas in this way.

9. Hyperlinks

Our internet sites can contain hyperlinks; that is, electronic cross references through which internet sites of other companies can be invoked. Our data protection and priva-cy declaration does not apply in any respect to the internet sites which are accessed through a hyperlink; only the data privacy and protection information of such other in-ternet sites applies.

10. Changes to This Data Privacy and Security Declaration

We always keep this data privacy and protection declaration up to date. Hence it can be necessary to adapt it to changed framework conditions of a factual or legal nature. You accept such changes by the very act of using our internet site.

11. Rights to Information; Questions and Remarks

If you have any questions about the collection, processing or use of your person-related data, or if you want ask for information or request correction or deletion of data, please turn to:
E-Mail address: info@henkell-sektkellerei.de
postal address: Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei KG, Biebricher Allee 142, 65187 Wiesbaden, Germany