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Sparkling Wine Night


Henkell & Co. invites you to a party gala with top international sportsmen and women,
and sparkling wine

Sport is celebrating its patrons – and Henkell & Co. will be firing the starting gun at 8 pm on 1st February 2019. The sparkling winery will again be opening its doors and inviting guests to a lively party gala. Guests raise a glass of sparkling wine to top-class sport in the Marble Hall and Degorgement Hall. Prominent athletes past and present, along with guests of the winery, celebrate the sparkling wine event in honour of the patrons of German sportsmen and women.

Tickets for the Ball des Sports Party Gala Sparkling Wine Night

Tickets for the Ball des Sports Party Gala Sparkling Wine Night on 1st February 2019, in the original building of the Henkell & Co. sparkling winery, are available for €50.00 (incl. 2 glasses of sparkling wine, plus advance booking fee). Tickets are available online from 29 October 2018 from www.wiesbaden.de/tickets , as well as from the following ticket office in Wiesbaden: Tourist Information, Marktplatz 1 (Tel. +49 (0) 611 1729-930).


15th Sparkling Wine Night with hot rhythms, chilled sparkling wine and a laid-back vibe:

On Saturday 27/10/2018, Henkell bid farewell to Central European Summer Time for the 15th time with its “Sparkling Wine Night”, in a unique and glamourous location. Exuberant guests ready to party in a buzzing atmosphere, sparkling wine, delicacies from Kuffler Catering, an additional cocktail bar and, last but not least, the thrilling live performances, made this year’s event a highlight of the Wiesbaden events’ calendar. A cause for celebration for those Sparkling Wine Night fans lucky enough to get hold of one of the 800 tickets, which sold out in record time. 

A great atmosphere with musical performances

The live acts and DJs put their heart and soul into creating a unique party atmosphere with an eclectic music programme: Deborah Lee, Chris Brow, Ramona Nerra, Nicole Milner and then DJ Alex ‘K‘ provided the soundtrack for the dancefloor in the Marble Hall. The charismatic Sven West feat. Daisy created a great atmosphere in the “Chillout Lounge” in the Degorgement Hall, with bar and dance music.

A treat for the eyes and ears

It was just like magic with Israeli cellist Nicole Milner, who enchanted her audience not just with her music, but also her unusual LED dress that visually emphasised the sounds of the cello and created a truly unique atmosphere. 

To ensure a happy end to the evening, Taunus Auto put on a - once again very popular - Mercedes Benz chauffeur service to take guests safely back home.

Henkell Sparkling Wine Night was a wild party that started on Saturday night and went on into the early hours of the morning. Once again, the Sparkling Wine Night was over far too soon, leaving behind sparkling memories and anticipation of the next year!

You can find an image gallery with lots of photos of guests and the party here: Sparkling Wine Night 2018 image gallery

Please use this four-digit PIN to download the photographs: 9763 

Selected images are also available for you to download.